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Clothing of Dongxiang Ethnic Minority

Most Dongxiang people live in Gansu Province. Dongxiang ethnic group clothing has many similarities with the Hui minority clothing. They are both the Islam style.

The Dongxiang women dress in round collar and wide-sleeves clothes. There is embroidery on the clothes. They wear long trousers with embroidered lace.

Dongxiang Ethnic Minority ClothingClothing of The Dongxiang People

The Dongxian men wear a black or white flat hat without a brim. They wear a white shirt and black waistcoat and wear cyan long trousers. The elderly are in black, grey or white clothes. During winter, they are in sheepskin coat.

Dongxiang people's life style is changing with modern society. So the Dongxiang clothing is changing. The young people love to wear new fashions; traditional clothing is only worn at the important festivals.